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stainless steel oil mist filter/knitted wire mesh filter

Knitted mesh filter, manufactured from various steel wires or plastic wires, is an important filter element in various applications.

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Product structure

Panel frame :Galvanized steel,Aluminum(natural),Stainless steel
Filter material:Metal knitted wire mesh
protecting wire mesh:Screen,diamond mesh,perforated plate
Material:201、304、316、 2205、TA2 etc.
L*W*H(Non-standard customization)

Performance parameter

Lowest oil mist particle>3um
Removal efficiency 60%-99% (20-100mm thickness)
Airflow speed< 1.5m/s


Large oil capacity, high temperature resistance, fireproof,effective filtration of fume, dust and powder
Permanent, durable,washable and not easy to oxidize for a long life
Customized according to your request even if non-standard


Machining oil mist purification; heat treatment quenching smoke purification; air purification in die casting and injection molding workshop; pre-filtering for food fume purifier


Stainless steel filters are the most durable,easiest to clean and the best choice for high volume operations. With its combination of strength, attractive shiny finish and ability to stand up to harsh chemicals and frequent cleanings, stainless steel is by far the best selling hood filter material.Stainless steel filters are popular for their resistance to corrosion, and they will retain their shiny finish even after applying degreasers. This makes them very popular for open cooking environments where the kitchen is visible to patrons. Of the above three materials, stainless steel is the more expensive option. If you’re on a tight budget, it may not be the best fit.However, they will last the longest and cost less over time.
This universal Free Standing Range Hood Grease Filter is for many compatible range vent hoods, and replaces used, dirty, and damaged grease filters.
A well maintained set of filtersprovides many other benefits including lower utility costs, less strain on the exhaust system motor, and a cleaner, cooler kitchen.


Compare with our others kitchen range hood oil grease filter,this knitted wire mesh filter is not limited to the few metal material.For the mesh material inside the filter,we provide with a wide variety choose.


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