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multi-layer defogging filter mesh/demister pad

It consists of a multi-layer pyramid structure fifilter mesh that allows droplets and dust to move in the special space of the screen and is trapped and captured.

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perfomance parameter

Removal efficiency:90%
Air flow:3.5-5.5m/s
Pressure drop<100pa
Spec. to be customized as your request.


High filtration, which can filter water mist, dust and powder;
Low pressure drop, high efficiency, blocked not easily,
Washable and permanent;
High filtration in conditions when the mist contains dust.

The multi-layer mist eliminator guarantees a low pressure drop and a high efficiency since all monofilaments are positioned perpendicular to the gas flow to achieve the best possible separation of droplets. This unique weave stands in clear contrast to the random wire orientation in knitted mesh demisters.

It combines the best properties of knitted mesh and lamella separator. The ladder-like arrangement of the monofilament causes a change of direction of the gas stream, which increases the droplet capture by inertial impact and interception. This produces a cross flow of the separated liquid, which flushes out particles from the medium.


This multi-layer filter also known as packing. Sometimes the packing is random or dumped, and other times it is custom designed.
As a gas scrubber media,the open structure and mesh geometry facilitate the scrubbing process with irrigation sprays co-current or counter-current.Vertically or horizontally installed ,the liquid and captured solids will easily flow off the monofilament wires.
It should be noted that not all mist eliminators are designed the same. There are many considerations when choosing a mist eliminator, the size of the droplets, liquid handling, pressure drop, and the compatibility of materials of construction. A properly designed mist eliminator will add many benefits to the process, such as improving product purity, reducing pollution, and reducing carryover, and protecting equipment.


Application examples :

● Demisting duty at the exit of a chemical process tail gas scrubber
● Demisting duty at the end of a cross-flow or vertical gas scrubber in Phosphate and Nitrogen Fertiliser production
● Particulate & gas scrubbing stage duties within a cross-flow or vertical gas scrubber in Phosphate and Nitrogen Fertiliser production (e.g. DAP, NPK, CAN & Urea)
● Fume scrubbing of emissions from Chrome VI & other heavy metals processing
● Abatement of HCl mist in Electronics industry
● Demisting duty in Sulphuric Acid Drying and Absorbing Towers.


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