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fabric filter material for air filter

Air filter material, or media, is a mix of fiber and air, and it’s often pleated,it is the filtering component used in air filters. The type of air filter material used depends on the application. There are many different kinds of air filter materials that can be selected; each designed to capture different types of recirculated particulate matter.

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Filter media This product is ideal for range hoods, air cleaners/purifiers, and covering HVAC units.

Activated carbon filter fabric

Aperture 20-40PPI
Weight 40-50kg/m3
Size 1m*2m
Thickness 3mm~30mm


Designed for the control of intermittence odor problems in re-circulated air effectively removes odorous and irritating gaseous contaminants.
Activated carbon air filters are designed to last up to 3 months however the activated carbon with in the air filter can have a limited life span based on the amount of odors required to absorb and so replacement may need to occur in quicker intervals.

Coconut shell filter fabric

fabric (3)
Customization as your request
Weight 600~1200g/m2
Size 1m*2m
Thickness 30mm~50mm


As a filter material for fabric air filters.normally speaking it is aways work alone or in middle of the metal meshes.Made from natural coconut fiber,it is a nature and environmental material.

Heat melted Synthetic fabric and Sprayed glue synthetic fabric

fabric (4)
fabric (5)
Sprayed glue synthetic fabric Heat melted Synthetic fabric
Thickness 5mm~12mm Thickness 10mm~25mm
Color White/black/green Weight 150~600g/m2
Weight 150~500g/m2 Width 0.5~2m
Width 0.5~2m Efficiency G1-F7
Efficiency G1-G4 Customization Wire mesh coated,3D glue

The Polyester Media is available in both dry and tackified types. This media is comprised of high loft balls of polyester fibers, bonded together with a fire retardant, heat sealable resin to form a highly uniform, resilient, workable yet soft blanket of air filter media. Designed to be used in collecting dust and dirt, either as a pre-filter or main filter.

Nylon filter mesh

fabric (1)
Feature Flame retardant, fireproof, antibacterial, mildewproof, UV resistant.
Color Black/White/Cream/Green/Blue etc.
Density 20~200 mesh(wind resistance <10pa).
Weight 70~230g/m²
Width 0.5~2.4m


Nylon filter mesh is a concave-convex honeycomb structure, which is applied to various air filtration systems. It is a new product in the field of environmental protection. The product is easy to be cleaned and replaced many times. It has a long-lasting effect. There are four series and more than 30 specifications. The material covers PE ,PP, PA, PET, provide customized services for adding antibacterial agents. Width and length can be customized according to customer requirements, providing hot cutting of mesh, and can also be made into special specifications of folding net.

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