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automatic replacement lift for high altitudes filter replace

A new filter replace solutions discovered by GT filter.
Do you know how to replace an air filter without climbing a ladder?
How to replace the air filters of the AC system on the premise of ensuring employee’ safety?

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AC systems are being used more and more in different production scenarios due to industry standards or requirements for worker health.

To ensure air quality, the filters in the AC system have a service life and need to be replaced regularly.Depends on the air quality and use demandair filters will normally have a Replacement cycleyou do not need do this job frequentbut it is almost once in a quarter.



It is well known that the standard height of industrial plants is 5-40m.When your workshop has air quality requirements, how to safely replace air filter in a high-rise workshop?

Generally speaking,most of factories do replacement job by themselves,with a ladder and took some times. Or you can ask for a professional services company.At a certain height, the psychological pressure caused by people can not be underestimated. to be honestIt’s really not safe up there.

Do you know how to replace an air filter without climbing a ladder?

How to replace the air filters of the AC system on the premise of ensuring employee’ safety?

Now,GT Filter has first developed an automatic replacement lift to meet your need of high altitude filter parts replacement.

With GT Filter’ own independent patents.This filter has been used in GAC Toyotas manufacturing workship.


When it is working you can understand it as a filter ride elevator,When you replace the filter, just gently press the button and it will slowly drop to you,press the button to rise back after replace down.

GT Filter focuses on building solutions based on your requirements rather than giving a stock solution to your needs. Whilst standardoptions are available where required we almost always find that there is something extra we can bring to the table when it comes to specification, ease of use or solution longevity.


Our automatic lifts are available in a variety of sizes, in the early days of your plant building, tell us the system you expect ac, we can make the right lifts based on your size.

As a not low quantity of products used in the factory, we have been working to study how to more reasonably reduce production costs with the same quality, and make him a mass-used, multi-space function filter lift replacement.


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