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aluminum range hood grease filter Honeycomb fume filter

By changing the direction of the airflow, the large oil droplets are trapped, the wind resistance is small, and the smoke purification is improved.
Uniform separation of soot, reducing the cleaning frequency of the oil purifier.

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product structure

Panel frame:Aluminum (natural),Stainless steel
Packing: S-shaped corrugated plate

Dimension:L*W*H(Non-standard customization)
Material:Aluminum,304,316 etc.

Performance parameter

▪ Suitable for large particle oil droplets and large fume.
▪ Removal efficiency 20%-50%
▪ Airflow speed<2m/s;


▪Low airflow resistance, large oil capacity, high temperature and fireproof;
▪ Permanent, durable and washable for a long service life;
▪Unique multi-channel design to more effectively solve the problem of more fume filtration;
▪ It can be customized according to your request.


Smokeless barbecue car; fume purifier; front range hood filter;


● Initial degreasing
The pre-primary oil smoke filter screen intercepts 70%-85%of the large particle oil beads,and the degreasing efficiency of the high-voltage electric field can be increased by 10%-30%;

● The flow board is used to reduce the cleaning frequency of the oil purifier of the lampblack puriffer
By initially removing the oil particles of the large particles, the effect of the current flowing into the electric field is evenly distributed,so that the cleaning frequency of the electrostatic field oil collecting plate is greatly reduced;

● Low airflow resistance:
Due to the unique S-shaped structure of this de-oiling mesh, the airflow resistance is small;

● Fire retardant: prevent fire hazards caused by fires entering the flue;

● Airflow speed of the oil smoke filter at the front-end type: the airflow speed through the filter is recommended ≤1.5m/s
Filter interception filtration methods are usually achieved by sufficient contact between the filter and the gas to be treated. Under other conditions, the slower the airflow speed through the filter, the more obvious the degreasing effect of the filter.

● Washable to be changed easily
According to the structural design of the pre-filter, when the viscosity of the oil is not high, the oil beads attached to the oil smoke filter will accumulate to a certain extent, and the oil beads will follow the gravity. The grain on the surface of the filter mesh flows down into the bottom tank, and then slowly accumulates and drains from the oil leakage hole; only when the fluidity of the oil is not strong, or if the smoke contains more impurities that affect the ventilation of the filter screen,then Carry out cleaning;

Cleaning of the pre-filter: Take off the front-end type fume filter at the time of off-duty (push-in type installation), and place it in water containing detergent (causal caustic) at a temperature of about 60 ° C. The cleanliness of the filter is soaked for a corresponding period of time and then taken out (the oil smoke filter cleaning of the western commercial kitchen is generally soaked in the above environment for about 1-2 hours), rinsed with water, and then re-installed after the water is dry.

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